Jumat, 04 Februari 2011

Si Kancil and the Crocodile

One day Si Kancil, the clever animal that he said, was walking in the forest edge. He just wanted to get some fresh air, see the sun shining bright. In the woods are too dark, because the trees are very dense and the canopy covering the forest floor. He wants to bask in the sun. There was a large river where the water at once. After a long sunbathing, Si Kancil feel that there is a ring in her belly, krucuk .. ... ... krucuk krucuk. Well, apparently her stomach is hungry. He imagined how good if there's her favorite food, cucumber. But there cucumber garden across the river, how to cross it? He thinks for a moment. Suddenly she jumped for joy, and shouted: "Crocodile crocodile .... .... let's get out ..... I've got food for you ...!!" Once the hare shouted at a lot of crocodiles living in sugai are in it.

Once again hare cried, "Crocodile ... crocodile ... come on out ... do not want fresh meat?"

Shortly thereafter, a crocodile emerged from the water, "Huaahhh ... who's screaming in time like this .. just interrupt my sleep." "Hey Kancil, still you .. if not I'll eat you." The second crocodile said that also emerged.

"That's nice .... you guys want to come out, where else?" Kancil said later. "If only two tails still rest many of these foods later. Come out semuaaa ...!" Kancil shouted again.
"What hare actually, let's quickly say," said the crocodile.
"Well, sorry if I disturb your sleep, but I'm going for-for fresh meat for the crocodiles in this river," so must exit all.

Hearing that they will be distributed fresh meat, the crocodiles were immediately summoned his friends to come out all. "Hey, all my friends, do not want to eat for free? Let us keluaaaar ....!" crocodile yell leader gives the command. Before long, bermunculanlah the crocodiles from the water.

"Well, now I have to count how many crocodiles which come on, come on you guys and the crocodiles in line to the river bank lined up over there," "Later I will count one by one."

Without thinking, the crocodiles were immediately took the position, lined up lined up from the river bank to the river bank one another, thus forming such a bridge.
"Okay, now I'll start counting," Kancil said that immediately jumps to the first crocodile's back, shouting, "One ..... two ..... three ....." and so on while continuing to jump from one crocodile's back to the other crocodiles. Until finally he reached the opposite bank. His heart was laughing, "It was easy to turn out."

Once across the river, the crocodile Kancil said, "O foolish crocodile, actually there is no fresh meat is what I will share. Do not you see that I did not bring any piece of meat?" "Actually, I just want to cross this river, and I need a bridge to pass. Then I say thanks to you, and apologize if I work on you," said Mouse Deer.

"Ha !.... huaahh ... damn ... Kancil naughty, it turns out we're just being lied to. Aws ye ya .. if we meet again I eat you," said the crocodiles were furious.
The hare ran quickly disappeared behind the trees, into the garden Mr. Farmer to look for cucumbers.


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